For as long as I remember I've been drawing and painting. I was very lucky to have parents who encouraged me, kept me in art supplies and led me towards both an art major in college and a career in art. My love of painting really took hold during college, but so did the need for living expenses, and my very wise  instructors suggested illustration as a viable career path. I started at the bottom doing production art right out of college and followed where the path led me for 34 years. It was a wonderful ride, even though it was a roller coaster at times. I dabbled at painting when I could, but it wasn't as often as I'd have liked it to be.

With the years of needing a "real job" behind me, I've embarked on the journey that's been calling to me all along and I'm finally in my studio painting nearly every day. My medium of choice these days is acrylics and my subject matters vary, but my goal is to bring to life the beauty in the everyday - objects, scenes or situations - by emphasizing what we often fail to notice, like the subtle colors in shadows, how light plays on our facial curves, or one of my favorites, the colors in the twilight sky. I hope that my subject matters will evoke feelings and entice viewers to create the story behind each piece. 

Thank you for visiting my online gallery! Please feel free to email me for more information at lauriefullerart@gmail.com